...and a few minutes in, we get this:

Really distasteful, right? By the way, this character is 11.

The show itself is good enough to keep me going, the premise is interesting, and the art is beautiful, but god damn this stuff is really becoming discouraging. Over the two episodes I just watched, there was more fanservice with the above character, Shiro, as well as too many bouncing breasts and the tried and true "whoops, accidentally fell on your boobs" moment. What's more depressing is that Shiro is a child prodigy and genius who can figure out the way things (games, languages, etc) work in moments, but her introduction shot is a panty shot. The male protagonist, Sora, of course gets something more modest.


I ran into the same issue with Brynhildr in the Darkness. With promises of horror, mystery, and content for Elfen Lied fans to enjoy, I really wanted to like it. Reviewers on Ani-tay said it subverted tropes. But what do I find? Mostly immature, overused fanservice tropes played completely straight. Not one, but two episodes had "falling on breasts" scenes! At least the characters are teenagers.

I love anime and want to keep loving it and sharing one of my favorite art forms with others, but it's hard to do when I can't go a few minutes without fanservice (and stop fucking tell me it serves a point or is for humor, 9/10 it's not, and the show could have done humor in another way) and straight up pervin' on children hitting me in the face. And I hate that most anime reviewers, whether on this site, Kotaku main, or others, aren't very critical of it. Being a fan of something doesn't mean we can't criticize it. Why are we lowering our standards and not demanding more from anime?