And show me yours! I've sometimes posted pictures of my geek stuff but not all at once. I'm not really a good photographer of my stuff like UI, and I don't organize them in pretty collector's cases or anything.

These are my bookshelves for games, anime, manga, and movies.

The Eva shelf. No, Espurr isn't really supposed to be there.

These are probably the cutest figures I have. Look at dat Kaworu.

Thanks to Twizm for these figures!

C.C. was my first Nendoroid and still one of my favorites.

Various Kokeshi dolls and the Zelda manga collection.

Monster Hunter Nedo in Lagombi Armor ^_^

TAY favorite waifu Kurisu

Another lovely lady from Steins;Gate, Feris Nyan Nyan

The Princess of the Crystal from Penguindrum dominates this shelf

An assortment of Final Fantasy mini figures

The Zelda Chapel

Dark Link keeping various game art books safe

Anime and manga. As you can see, my collection isn't very big but I have most of my all time favorite shows.