This Is a Thing About Gamergate

I was recently accused of being uninformed about Gamergate. That's funny because I am informed to a fault and spend more time thinking about Gamergate and studying it than is probably healthy. The thing is though, you can have access to all the information that's out there and still not be swayed over to one side or… » 10/30/14 6:21pm 10/30/14 6:21pm

Autism on Film: Why I Enjoy Violent Characters

Being on the autism spectrum has become something I try to only mention when it's important. With all the anti-vaxxers and people looking for a new insult now that "retarded" has gone out of fashion (as it should), it can be a troubling thing to be in public. This is especially true in the time since the Sandy Hook… » 3/23/14 12:51pm 3/23/14 12:51pm