We love you too, Neryl. I'm bad at showing it, but you've been on my mind since I heard things were happening in your family. I didn't want to pry or anything...I know it can be strange to tell people about major and difficult life events. I'm so sorry for your loss. You've been a friend and an ear to so many of us on… » 4/18/14 11:08pm Yesterday 11:08pm

Everyone in my family has a completely neutral accent. After the first time I was in China my English was almost a bit...Canadian...for a few months. I really don't know why. Maybe because none of the people I was speaking English with were American? » 4/18/14 11:09am Yesterday 11:09am

While I definitely think some critics don't do their research culturally, as someone doing Japanese studies I can tell you that a lot of game fans really stretch the "but it's Japaneeeese" excuse. A lot of Japanese people think JRPG tropes and some of the ways sex and relationships are treated in these games are pretty… » 4/17/14 1:32pm Thursday 1:32pm